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This website is provided to the general public for viewing by the Egg Harbor Township Police Department. The website provides information and a limited set of tools that are intended to be used as designed. By using this web services or any related communications methods you must agree that you will use the provided methods for their intended purpose and only in the way that they were designed to be used.

You are accessing a public facing computer system of a government law enforcement resource in New Jersey, United States of America.

This website may collect data from all visitors that is generally of a generic nature. This information may include, but is not limited to, your source IP address, computer options, type of connection, etc. This information is generally used for statistical information, however, this information may be retrieved and utilized in any inquiry or investigation into improper use. This website may also offer certain tools to provide you with additional functionality, and these tools may collect information about you that you specify and that is collected automatically by the computer system. We do not share any personal information provided except as noted here. Your use of these tools is voluntary, and by using this site you agree to assume all risks of its use.

Our right to deny
We reserve the right to exclude access, disable accounts, or similar activities at our discretion. Appeals may be directed in writing to the location provided below.

Outside Fees
Certain features of this website may be configured so as to provide access to Mobile devices (for example, E-mail notifications). This service is offered to you, however, please note that we are not responsible for any charges, fees, or liabilities incurred due to its use. You should always operate mobile devices safely.

Links to other websites
Certain areas of this website allow "links" or connections to websites or features operated by outside parties. We are not responsible for their content, the safety provisions of their offerings, or for their policies. This "Terms Of Service" document does not cover web sites beyond our control, and each site may have its own "Terms of Service" and other related items that you should elect to review prior to use.

Website content, changes, and references
The content of the website is updated from time-to-time to provide information to the public. Information posted is subject to change without notice or without update to the website. The website content itself is not posted to be an authoritative information source. In some cases such as ordinances, regulations, and laws, or program information, some information may change, some typographic error may be present on the website, or there may exist in the source additional information, restrictions, and/or procedures not listed here. Contact information is provided to give you a point of contact for further inquiries.

Additional Important Information
This website is provided "as-is", with no expressed or implied warranty of any kind. The website was designed to provide a service, however, we offer no guarantee that the mechanisms provided are safe. There is no liability on our part for any consequential or incidental loss.

UNAUTHORIZED COPYING, REPRODUCTION, REPUBLISHING, UPLOADING, DOWNLOADING, POSTING, TRANSMITTING OR DUPLICATING ANY OF THE MATERIAL IS PROHIBITED. You may download or copy any downloadable materials displayed on the Site for home, noncommercial and personal use, provided that you maintain all copyright, trademark and other notices contained in such material and you agree to abide by all additional copyright notices, information or restrictions contained in any material accessed through the Site.

Certain trademarks and Copyrights are protected by copyright, and owned or controlled by D.A.R.E. America, or the party listed as the provider of the content, software or other materials. Commercial use of the materials is prohibited without the written permission of D.A.R.E. America. Other copyrights and trademarks have rights reserved to their respective owners.

This represents a list of rules and some advisements to you. It is not a inclusive document, and it is not a contract or agreement any kind.

Egg Harbor Township Police Department
3515 Bargaintown Road
Egg Harbor Township, NJ 08234
(609) 926-4036

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