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Retired Officers

Chiefs of Police
Chief Edgar Unsworth
Chief Al Lisicki #1500
Chief John J. Coyle #1503
Chief Blaze Catania #1562
Chief Michael J. Morris #1584
Chief Raymond Davis # 1583

Captain Fred Cook
Captain Ed Habermehl
Captain James Lewis
Captain Matthew Coyle
Captain John Pope
Captain Ted Kammer
Captain Robert Fisher
Captain Laurence Szapor
Captain Hector Tavarez
Captain Jay Woods
Captain William Fair

Lieutenant David Scull
Lieutenant John Townsend
Lieutenant Michael Bordonaro

Sergeant Hugh Ott
Sergeant Gary Cruse
Detective Sergeant Phil Sullivan
Sergeant Richard Vogt
Detective Sergeant Carmen Morina
Detective Sergeant Thomas Chambers
Sergeant Al Maiorano
Sergeant Charles Super
Sergeant Joseph Bonsall

Detective Carl Elwood
Detective Dennis Catalano
Detective Michael Watts
Detective Gary Potter
Detective Sidney Terrell
Detective James Frohner
Detective John Furlong
Officer Doug Ney
Officer Joe Ingemi
Officer Edward Kulesa
Officer James Goodman
Officer David England
Officer Edward Schafer
Officer Robert Stack
Officer Robert Macpherson
Officer Michael Bardello
Detective Anthony Merendino
Officer Daniel Littlefield
Detective Mark Wagner
Officer Robin Lynd
Officer John Dowd
Officer Larry Bazard

Officers who retired due to Injury or Illness
Sergeant Ed Jones
Sergeant Steven Swankoski
Officer Paul Roden
Officer Jim Gehringer
Officer Irv Karasik
Officer Ted House
Officer Jolanta Dudek McCoy
Officer Frank Kallop
Officer Clear Costantino
Officer Robert Gleisberg
Officer Richard Henderson
Officer William Loder
Officer William Reed
Officer Brian Dickson

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