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Criminal Investigations Bureau
Captain Christopher Ruef, Commander
(609) 926-4051

The Criminal Investigation Bureau is responsible for conducting investigations, providing crime prevention initiatives, and ensuring the proper storage and disposition of property. The Bureau maintains a corps of detectives that are specially trained and knowledgeable in many areas of expertise. Our detectives cover a wide range of responsibilities, including arson investigation, fingerprint, crime scene and evidence analysis, as well as crimes against children and drug enforcement. In addition, the Bureau also provides initiatives dedicated to assisting in the prevention of crime and in support of quality of life issues. Additionally, the Criminal Investigations Bureau is responsible for various administrative functions including firearms background investigations, employee background investigations, mercantile license background investigations, and liquor license investigations. The Criminal Investigations Bureau strives to use contemporary technology and advanced methods to investigate and prevent crimes that impact the quality of life of residents in Egg Harbor Township. The Detective Bureau currently consists of nine detectives, two sergeants, one captain, two clerks, two part-time special law enforcement officers, and two civilian volunteers.

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